Eight Duets for soprano & alto recorders

Eight Duets for soprano & alto recorders


1. “The Charms of Lovely Peggy”; 2. “Buford’s March or The private wedding or Jockey was a dowdy lad”; 3. “Ely Minster”; 4. The “Purlongs”; 5. “The Temple Change”; 6. “The Flowers of the Forest”; 7. “The Laird o’ Cockpen”; 8. “Mr. Dyer’s Scotch Tune”. No. 1 is from Calliope, pub. in 1739, nos. 2-5 are from The Dancing Master, pub. by the Playford family, Nos. 6 & 7 are from The Songs of Scotland (1848), and no. 8 is from Part 3 of Apollo’s Banquet (1690). Note that “The Charms of Lovely Peggy” is also arranged for soprano recorder and keyboard (in two different keys) in the “Pieces for Solo Recorder and Keyboard” section as part of “Four Scotch tunes” under “Various Composers”.

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  • 8 Duets For Soprano & Alto Recorders

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