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J.S. Bach - Keyboard Music - Goldberg Variations


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  • Bach Goldberg Variation No. 25

    Recorder & Keyboard part, 3+2 pp.
  • tets


  • Variation 13

    Originally in G major, transposed here to C. Contains optional low E, in a reasonably doable context (about as easy a context as can exist), as the last note.

    Recorder part, 2 pp.
  • Bach Goldberg Variation No. 13

    Recorder & Keyboard part, 2+2 pp.
  • Variation 25

    Originally in g minor, transposed here to c. Mm. 5-8 can only be played by switching either to old-pitch voice flute (assuming original context to be modern-pitch) or to tenor?but there is plenty of time for the switch and then the switch back. There is also an option to switch to various recorders, including soprano, at the hair-raising mm. 21-24.

    Recorder part, 2 pp.
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