Concerto, BWV 1059

Concerto, BWV 1059


Originally in d minor, transposed here to g. Based on a nine-measure sketch which suggests the music in concerto form that is fully formed in the two Sinfonias from Cantata 35 as outer movements. Slow movements from Cantatas 35 and 156, the Concerto BWV 1056 and (in a recording by the Cologne Chamber Orchestra) the solo keyboard concerto after Marcello BWV 974 have been advanced as possible middle movements. We supply a choice from these, save only that from BWV 156, which has always seemed only a pale reflection of the more evolved version in 1056.

Keyboard parts include separate recorder parts at no additional cost.

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  • Bach Concerto for Harpsichord and Orchestra BWV 1059

    Recorder & Keyboard part, (8+2+2+6+4/+3+1+1+2+2 [31]) pp.
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