Difficulty Level

Level of Difficulty

These transcriptions are generally aimed at advanced and professional players (except for the duets). But especially in the case of Bach, where tempo indications are so scarce, pieces sound great at an amazingly wide variety of tempos–which may thus be deemed appropriate–making them accessible to many different playing levels. The keyboard parts are not of a uniform level of difficulty–that of course would be impossible. We

We have made the attempt to make them sight-readable by most pianists, e. g., trying to avoid having more than one rapidly moving part at a time. The idea is to make the soloist work and practice; if the accompanist will too, that’s a bonus, but should not generally be necessary. And since, as already alluded to, recorder players will certainly have occasion to have difficulty finding an accompanist, I want to make that search as likely to succeed as possible by making the keyboard parts accessible.